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Corporate Classes

Maintaining a healthy body and mind is just as important when at work as it is in our wider lives.

Workplaces can have all kinds of age ranges, fitness levels, and body types, and one of the great things about yoga is that everyone can be involved and get something out of it.

Yoga practice can help develop the following qualities and characteristics:


  • Individual stress management

  • Productivity, motivation, and work performance

  • Decision making and creativity

  • Mental alertness and clarity

  • Morale, job satisfaction, and positive-thinking patterns

  • Memory and concentration

  • Reduction in muscle tension and pain due to sedentary working positions

  • Flexibility and physical strength

  • Confidence

The sessions are held online via Zoom

The length of the class depends on what suits most: 60 minutes or 45 minutes.

Pricing varies depending on class time and duration.

Please enquire for more information and to book your class.

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